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history 2

In 1948, Willington WI was linked with Waikapiro-Te Uri, New Zealand. The New Zealand WI sent parcels including tablets of soap, shortcake, ginger biscuits, fruit cake and tins of fat. These parcels were still being sent in 1953. Recent research on this link found an interesting reference to this: Food parcels were sent to the Institute in Britain. That was us! Through the modern communication of email, we have discovered that Waikapiro WI disbanded 10 years ago. Shame. It would have been good to have linked again, although the suggestion of getting a bus up was maybe a little far-fetched!The highlight of 1978 was the passing of Willington WIs resolution re Doorstep milk deliveries at the AGM in the Albert Hall. Mrs Murphy suggested the resolution and Miss Lucy Gilbert (Willington WI President) was the delegate at the AGM. She gave an interview on Radio Derby about the Resolution and the WIs place in the village. Sadly in 1987, the WI disbanded when a President could not be found. However, there was sufficient interest by 1989 for Willington WI to be re-formed with 26 members initially, rising to a current membership of 56.In 1998, the WIs of Willington and Repton took up the history theme again as they jointly ran a Victorian Market stall at the Bridge Centenary celebrations. The bridge over the River Trent linking the two villages was originally a toll bridge but the toll was lifted in 1898 amid great celebrations, repeated 100 years later.Various classes and groups have come and gone since 1946. However a drama group has often been in existence and is currently run by Margaret Aubrey, also a member of the earlier WI. A recent visit by Sudbury hand-bell ringers gave present members the chance to ring-along to some carols. For Margaret, it was a reminder of a time when, as President, another group of hand-bell ringers rang and rang and rang and no matter how hard she tried, they were not to be silenced! Minutes record another occasion when, charged with the responsibility of cutting the WIs 40th birthday cake, disaster struck. “When the moment came for the cake to be cut, Mrs Aubrey, with knife in hand, approached the table. In doing so it collapsed causing a roar of laughter throughout the hall. I am glad to say the cake did not suffer in any way.”

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