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Days for Girls

Days for Girls project

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One member attended a DFWI course at Sherwin Street where menstrual hygiene kits were explained and there was the opportunity to learn how to make them.Days for Girls is a charity supporting and producing kits to be sent out to young girls in countries such as Nepal, Uganda where they are banished to a menstrual hut as 'unclean' every month and are unable to attend school. By being given a kit, which will last them for 3 years, and being educated in feminine hygiene, the lives of these girls is transformed.

Once material had been donated or purchased, 5 members held a workshop to start the making process. This is the 'puzzled' stage, trying to sort out which way up the various layers had to be!

Then it was on to measuring, cutting out, pinning and producing one stitched shield.We needed 240 x 9" squares of brushed cotton cutting out so WI outworkers were used!

The target was 10 kits. We managed 9, all complete with 2 shields, 8 liners, 2 ziploc bags, a washcloth and 2 pairs of panties.

Willington members have been so supportive and generous in their time, skills and donations of cash.

The 9 kits will be collected in September and taken out to SW Uganda where field workers will educate the girls in their use.

Willington WI